Serve to Change Lives

Serve to Change Lives


Friday, June 25, 2021 at 6:00pm at the Emerald Event Center in Avon, Ohio

Honoring District Governor Keith Hodkinson and welcoming incoming District Governor Mary AufdenKampe and the Class of 2021-2022 Club Presidents and District leaders.

Overnight accommodations at the Marriott Hotel, next to the Event Center. Book your room online.


Rotary District 6600 Newsletter April 2021 – Happy Spring


It’s hard to believe that I am entering into the fourth and final quarter of my term as your governor for Year of Covid 2020-2021. In a strange juxtaposition, so much has been canceled as a result of the pandemic, yet, so much has been created as a result of the pandemic.

Covid continues to guide our world. Many of you have already been vaccinated. Many have chosen for whatever reason, not to be. Here is a statistic that is alarming. As of April 9, approximately 30% of Ohioans have gotten vaccinated. Those that are 15 years of age and under cannot get the vaccine. They represent approximately 25% of the total population. That means 55% of Ohio either has received the vaccine or cannot get it because they are too young. The downside is that means 45% have not gotten one of the three vaccines or are choosing not to get any vaccine.

Several Saturday’s ago I was sitting at home thinking about the Mass Vaccination clinics being sponsored by the state. Our district contained 3 of the 15 sites in the Ohio. Lima, Maumee and Mansfield were the sites named. But there would also be other locations for clinics as the weeks rolled on. It hit me like a Led Zeppelin (sorry, I was raised in the era of classic rock). Who knows more about the logistics of vaccinating a lot of people at one time? Rotary, of course. We’ve been doing it for years with polio. We should be part of this! WE are PEOPLE OF ACTION!

I met that same day with the organizers of a large clinic going on in Findlay. Karim Berudi, Hancock Public Health Director, Chad Masters, Organizer of the clinic, Christina Muryn, Mayor of Findlay and others gave their input on how to organize a volunteer group to assist in making any clinic run smoothly. From traffic control, taking temperatures, helping individuals fill out paperwork, assisting the vaccinators, inputting data into the state’s system or watching over people after they received the vaccine to make sure there were no reactions.

Thus was born the Rotary Covid Connection! WRONG! I threw that name by District Trainer Alison Frye. She said “how about Rotary Covid Coalition? She was right! I talked to District Public Image Chair Sharon Trabbic. She ran with it! Later in this newsletter you will see a sidebar story on Sharon’s experience working at the Maumee clinic and we will detail the proper procedures for joining the Rotary Covid Coalition and helping out a number of clinics in areas you wish to work in.

I invite you to help out wherever and whenever you can. Contact Sharon Trabbic for more information. We are PEOPLE OF ACTION!

Be safe!

Rotary District 6600 Newsletter February 2021 – Love Rotary


Welcome to the shortest month of the year! February. It is also the LOVE month when everything revolves around Valentine’s Day and demonstrating our strong emotions towards someone we care about. It hit me several weeks ago to design our February newsletter around this message of LOVE. So, I randomly selected 1000 Rotarians from D6600 and asked them to reply to the question Why Do I Love Rotary? I asked them to reply to my request in 50 words or less. The response back was quite remarkable. Most followed the 50 words or less rule. Others, as you will see later in this newsletter, did not. However, every single response was heartfelt in so many ways. Please keep in mind, the people responding ranged from Rotary International Directors to everyday members of many clubs in our district. There was even one member whose answer was that they didn’t love Rotary right now because their club was not meeting in person. It was still said with passion. After reading EVERY single response, I came up with the following conclusions:

  • Rotary is very important in many member’s lives
  • Rotary is family to many.
  • Rotary is a key component to fulfilling the need to ‘pay it forward’
  • Rotary to some is purely a way to support your local community activities
  • Rotary to some is purely a way to support international projects to help those less fortunate
  • Rotary is a way to connect with leaders in our communities and the world
  • Rotary allows many to experience opportunities they would never have had the chance to experience if they were not a member

Originally, I mentioned to editor Sharon Trabbic (Maumee) that I would pick several of the submissions and have our graphic designer Shirley Hull (Oberlin) put them in little heart shaped ‘bubbles’ and scatter them throughout the newsletter. After I read them, I decided EVERY one of these little LOVE notes to Rotary MUST be seen. That is why you will find them in a separate document linked with this newsletter. You don’t have to read them all in one sitting. Just open them up every so often to get your Rotary LOVE ‘jones’ taken care of.

Keith Hodkinson
District Governor-District 6600

PS – And to the person that does not LOVE Rotary right now because we are not meeting in person…
We are doing that because we LOVE you and want you and your family to be safe.

PSS – Why do I LOVE Rotary? The answer is simple. I LOVE Rotary because of all of YOU!

Rotary District 6600 Newsletter October 2020


Please join us on Sunday, October 18 at 3 PM Eastern for a Celebrity Kitchen Party and district-wide polio fundraiser. Cook along or just watch the show!

General News

District Governor Keith Hodkinson’s doesn’t care for the term “New Normal”, calling it an oxymoron! Read more about what is happening in the district in the new quarterly newsletter, including how Napoleon Rotary executed a virtual fundraiser, and Keith’s plans for upcoming events in 2020 and 2021.

Stay up to date on all of our District news with our monthly newsletter. Email Shirley Hull to have your information included in the newsletter.

Hodkinson Assumes District Governor Role on July 1, 2020

Hodkinson Assumes District Governor Role on July 1, 2020

Hodkinson said he’s been blessed in his life with many things and that’s why it’s his duty to give back and with Rotary.

Being a district governor wasn’t at the forefront of his plan, but [after a trip to] Honduras and the way Rotary was changing lives, it inspired him to give it a chance and he was unanimously voted to the position [in late 2017].

“I thought it would be a great honor to guide the district to do more things like (Honduras),” he said. “We just have so many great people in our district that are willing to give back and a former district governor told me to put my name in. That’s how Rotary works, you have to put your name in and your club must vote on whether they will support you as district governor. That doesn’t just mean that they think I will do a great job, but there’s a lot of travel, other expenses and the district and rotary pays for a lot of that and reimburses you, but the local club, like Tiffin, has to support the person not only from a manpower standpoint, but financially as well to offset some of the costs. Tiffin unanimously voted yes. That’s why it was so touching for me.”

The way Rotary works is usually looking outwards first and then inwards as far as seeing where the grants go. But with COVID-19 this year, the philosophy might change, Hodkinson said.

“We started putting things together last year, but obviously that’s all changed. I’m really taking this district through a period of time where there is no playbook,” he said. “I have clubs meeting virtually, some are thinking about meeting back together and some have already started doing that. We have clubs of about six people and then some with 450 like the Toledo area, so I have to help guide them through this time.