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District 6600 Club Challenge 2022

You are invited to join!

Each One Bring One is a challenge introduced originally by RI President Shekhar Meta in 2021. Ohio District 6690 was the brainchild of this monetary membership challenge, and District 6600 has jumped on the bandwagon for the last half of this Rotary year.

The core and heart of this Each One Bring One Challenge is for our Members like you to invite Guest(s) to one or more Club Meeting, Event, or Service Project.

We need members to share their enthusiasm in Rotary with neighbors, industry leaders, fellow professionals, and peers, and even your spouse/partner or older children. These friends and colleagues may just be a perfect fit as a future member of your club and just do not know it. They have not been exposed to your members and friends or worked side-by-side with Rotarians on a project. Just inviting them to a fundraiser or a meeting in person or on Zoom can be a start.

Even if they do not join your club in the future, they may share your story with others. Each One… visiting means more people talking about Rotary.

For you, the best part may be winning $100 or more for your favorite worthy cause or charity. Members who participate in Each One Bring One earn an entry into a monthly drawing. One Entry per each Guest!

Your Club President has received an invitation to have your club join in the challenge. If it has not been announced yet, ask your President to accept the E1B1 challenge. And start inviting guests to experience Rotary. There is no Limit for the number of Entries. The more Guests are exposed to your Club, the more opportunity to Add One before the end of this Rotary Year. On the last day of each month January through June, the membership committee will draw a Rotarian’s name from all those submitted.

And, if any of your Guests eventually join? You will be entered in a year-end Plus One drawing for a $200 donation to the Nonprofit or Charity of choice. This drawing is only in June with entries accrued from January 1 through June 30.

Each One Bring One

Membership Committee Members

John Kurfess, PDG

Maris Brenner, PDG

John Hill

John Ficorilli

Or, perhaps, getting back to Rotary basics is as simple as taking… Step ONE!

Each One, Bring One

Rotary International President 2021-2022 Shekhar Mehta welcomed us all to the new Rotary year and the year, as he puts it… of changemakers. In his words, ”a year when you will be called upon to Serve to Change Lives and achieve big dreams. Because of your passion for achieving great things, we will grow more and do more.”

Shekhar’s clear challenge to us all is to expand our reach through growing membership and our impact in our communities. Each One, Bring One.

How Can District Leaders Help You?

District Membership Chair, PDG John Kurfess, and committee members Maris Brenner, Zone 30 (ARC) Area Rotary Coordinator for Districts 6600, 6630, and 6650, John E. Hill and John Ficorilli are available to work with District 6600 Club Leaders, Membership Chairs and Membership Champions on taking on the challenge.

Each One, Bring One. I, we, can visit President Councils, do Zoom updates, or just be there to provide links to learning materials or help clubs restart and rethink options – and act to grow their clubs.

Engaging and Retaining our Members is critical!

We are also committed to helping with engaging your existing members. Retaining ONE is so very important. Following are a few of my favorite tools and links that Rotary has put together to help us be successful this year and beyond. But before you take a look, how will you Add One?

How will you Engage ONE?

If each Board Member of a Club brought in ONE new member, it might be contagious. If each Past President of our Clubs contacted a member that has dropped out this past year, you might find out some changes you need to do with programs or small tweaks that allow you to recover ONE member. Just one step at a time will add up.

Please use these following pages to help find Step ONE for your club. You might even find that by the end of the year – many more ideas and examples from RI’s Resource & Learning Center may inspire you to grow Rotary.

Step ONE: Assess your club

A few resources to see if your club is meeting members’ needs and reflecting the community:

Keep ONE: Engage current members

Use these resources to learn strategies that will keep members involved:

  • Best Practices for Engaging Members – Take this Learning Center course to develop strategies for engaging people at all stages of membership.
  • Practicing Flexibility and Innovation – Take this Learning Center course to help you better serve the needs of members and prospective members.
  • Find ideas, a FAQ, and other resources on org/flexibility.
  • Enhancing the Club Experience – Tailor this member satisfaction survey to get opinions on your club’s future. Then act on the results and consider implementing your members’ ideas.
  • Improving Your Member Retention – Learn when and why members leave your club and generate strategies to keep them engaged.
  • Connect for Good – Encourage members to get involved in their club, community, and the Rotary world for a more meaningful experience.
  • Understanding Why Members Leave – Use this exit survey to address the reasons that members may be leaving your club.
  • Club Innovation Stories(audio recordings) – A series of recorded stories highlighting the innovative work being done by clubs all around the world.
  • Recognize members for their dedication and service to the club and community .
  • Connect members with opportunities to develop their professional skills and expand their networks.
  • Club Programming Vimeo Channel – Use these videos from recent Rotary events to supplement your club meetings. Videos range from 10-25 minutes.

Review ONE: Make new members feel welcome       

Use these resources to celebrate new members, develop an orientation program, and get them involved early and often:

  • Welcome to Rotary – Sharing this inspiring video with new members when they join.
  • Kick-start Your New Member Orientation – This Learning Center course shows how to make your club’s new members feel welcome, appreciated, and valued.
  • Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide – Find ideas for engaging new members, getting them involved, and giving them a meaningful experience.
  • Connect for Good – Encourage members to get involved in their club, community, and the Rotary world for a more meaningful experience.
  • New Member Welcome Kit – Order a welcome kit from your local, licensed Rotary vendor or put one together using the resources in this section.
  • Rotary Membership Certificate – Customize a certificate for your new members and present it to them when you officially welcome them to your club.

Add ONE: Develop your club

Find ideas for planning and strengthening your club in these resources:

Bring ONE: Connect with prospective members

Use the strategies and ideas in these resources to connect with potential members:

  • Engaging Younger Professionals – Welcoming younger professionals into Rotary is essential for us. Our digital kit will help you rethink membership and bring emerging leaders into your club.
  • Strategies for Attracting New Members –Take this Learning Center course to help draw prospective members, update your club’s experience, and better highlight what it does well.
  • Customizable Club Brochure – Design your own club brochure using the template on Rotary’s Brand Center. Choose images and wording to best represent your club.
  • Discover Rotary – Show this presentation to prospective members or at your club’s public events. Add content and images specific to your club, and have prospective member brochures available.
  • Creating a Positive Experience for Prospective Members – Working with prospective members is a delicate task. Find tips and ideas to determine whether membership would match their needs as well as your club’s. Learn what you can do to ensure that prospects have a positive experience, regardless of whether they join.
  • Guide to Corporate Membership – Learn how to engage your local businesses and offer a new membership type to a few of the business employees.

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Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both an international organization and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world.