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A Rotary first – Rotary Pledges to Protect Pollinators Throughout Ohio

In a show of unity, all five Rotary Districts throughout the state of Ohio have stated their intention to help “protect the little things that run the world” – our precious pollinators – by signing onto Operation Pollination. Recently, all five Rotary District Governors (backed by their respective boards) signed individual Districtwide Pollinator Resolutions that simply state two things: 1) pollinators are declining in numbers AND 2) Rotary can take action to help improve their dire state.

This is the first time in Rotary history where an entire state has collectively said, “Pollinators are important for the future health of our planet. Rotarians can help them!Congratulations Ohio Rotarians!

With the signing of these five Pollinator Resolutions, Ohio Rotarians are helping lead the way in pollinator protection. Your District Governor’s signature on your Districts’ Resolution covers all Clubs in your District. Now, every club throughout the state should take action. Now, all that a Club needs to do is sign an individual Pollinator Pledge to be an integral part of the Operation Pollination framework. The Resolution and Pledge can be found here under Operation Pollination.

Your Ohio District Governors respectfully request that ALL Club Presidents consider signing a Pollinator Pledge online at the web site above. It’s so simple. A few clicks and you’re done. PLEASE discuss ideas with your respective clubs, get buy-in, and sign the Pledge, so you’ll be ready to act.

Butterfly pollinating on a yellow flower
Bee Pollinating a wet flower

Operation Pollination is an inclusive framework where everyone (Rotary and other organizations) is invited to participate.  PLEASE use your incredible networking skills to recruit other organizations to join you and sign their own Pollinator Pledge.  These organizations can be large or small, government or non-government, for profit or not-for-profit. EVERYONE.  

Please also know that there is never any judgment about your project and that your signing a Pledge is based only on Rotary’s Four Way Test.  No one will ever come to check up on your project.  From planting three milkweed seeds to restoring a prairie (and everything in between), all projects are treated the same. No judgment. These projects are all based on your capability, capacity, and interest in pollinator protection.

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