District 6600 Leadership

Tim Ryan

2024-2025 District Governor Tim Ryan

Home Club: Rotary Club of Toledo

Tim Ryan Bio

Tim lives in Waterville with his housekeeper and social director, Cindy Allen. Cindy says that if things go awry, she will be keeping the house.

Police records show no outstanding warrants or recent convictions. Cindy is supporting Tim becoming district Governor if it will get him out of her hair so he can share his crazy opinions with anyone other than her.

They have kids, grandkids, and two grandbabies. The kids mostly get along but can be needy. Their dog, Lilly, gets along with everyone but is also needy.

Tim is a member and Past President of the Toledo Rotary Club. (Past Presidents don’t have to have passed). He was the district polio chair for four years and personally vaccinated children against polio in India, Chad, and Nigeria. Everyone was happy that he did not bring any diseases home.

He was the first district Environmental Chair. Tim believes environmental sustainability is an obligation to our children. His Rotary projects include water, peace, literacy, and health. Some of those projects worked out pretty well. He is very proud of the collaborations he has had with other clubs around the district and the world.

Born in Canada and raised in the Toledo area, Tim somehow earned a BA and MBA from the University of Toledo. He managed HR for Fortune 500 international corporations, rising to the executive suite over 30 years. When they had enough of him, or he had enough of them (no one is sure which), he retired at 48.

Fifteen years ago, bored and unemployed, he joined the Peace Corps and served in Mali, Africa. (He probably needed the money; they pay $1.00 per day). The first year, he taught basic literacy to adult blacksmiths in the Sahara (everyone wants to be able to sign their own name). He is very proud that some of these men learned to read independently. All of his students learned to write their own names. The second year was in the capital teaching English skills at the ministerial level. He even knew the President of the country before the military coup. Tim supports orderly and peaceful succession plans. He stays in touch with friends in Mali.

Tim likes to think he has many good friends. It is hard to be sure, but people at Churchill’s say “Hi”! He has no enemies list. He has had his heart broken a few times and is a proud Rotarian.