Rotary District 6600 includes 64 clubs and over 3,500 members in Northern Ohio​.


Are you a student and interested in learning more about becoming and exchange student? Submit your information and we will follow up with more information.

For over 75 years, students and host families have broadened their horizons through Rotary Youth Exchange.

More than 80 countries and over 8,000 students each year participate in the program, which is administered at the regional level by Rotary districts and at the local level by Rotary clubs.

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If your Rotary District 6600 Club is considering becoming involved in Rotary Youth Exchange, please contact a member of the Youth Exchange Committee and a mentor will be assigned to assist your club with paperwork, committee training, and any questions or concerns along the way. A listing of committee members follows at the end of the toolkit provided below.

Rotary Youth Exchange is an exciting program and we want to involve as many clubs (and as many students) as possible!


As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you’ll spend up to a year living with host families and attending school in a different country. Whether you participate in Rotary’s long-term or short-term Youth Exchange programs, you’ll learn a new way of living, a great deal about yourself, and maybe even a new language. You will be an ambassador, teaching people you meet about your country, culture, and ideas.

You can help bring the world closer – and make some good friends in the process.

Preliminary Application


Date Activity Individuals Involved Comments &Further Information
July 2017 Outbound Orientation #3 Outbound students-mandatory, Outbound Parents-optional Otterbein College, Westerville, OH; Students – no fee (Fees paid by District); District 6600 RYE Committee must be represented; RYE Training for Club Committees; RYE Learning Opportunities available
August 25-27, 2017 Inbound Students Orientation Weekend Inbound Students – mandatory, Club YE Committee Members Mohican Wilderness,22462 Wally Rd., Glenmont, OH 44628; Students – no fee; Guests – $20 per person for kayaking, Transportation needed; Arrive 4:00-5:00 pm, Camping Opportunity – possible room in cabin or bring a tent. This event coincides with a RYE District Committee meeting.
September 29-30, 2017 Ohio-Erie Fall Meeting District YE Committee, Club YE Committee Members,Other Interested Individuals Kentucky ~ District 6600 RYE Committee must be represented,RYE Training for Club Committees is available, Registration may be covered by District if funds are available, travel and lodging expenses paid by attendees.
October 1, 2017 Club Inbound Commitments Rotary District 6600 Clubs Clubs to decide their 2018-2019 Hosting Commitments
October 22, 2017 Inbound Students Fall Celebration with anInternational Flair Inbound Students – mandatory,Prospective Outbound Students welcomed,Club YE Committee Members Tiffin, Ohio ~Transportation needed; Arrive 9:00 am – 9:15 am,Tiffin Club provides hot dogs, buns, condiments while students are asked to bring a side-food dish that represents their country,Fall activities: Halloween Parade (bring a costume to wear), Farm Tour
November 18, 2017 Rotary Peace Conference Inbound Students and Prospective Outbound Students– welcomed,Club YE Committee Members University of Findlay ~Students and Chaperones attend at no charge,Transportation needed
November 30, 2017 Application deadline for Long Term Outbound Exchanges Long Term Outbound Students If this deadline cannot be met by clubs, please contact District RYE Chair directly for other options.
December 9, 2017 Outbound Interviews Inbound Meeting & Social Outbound candidates & parents – mandatory,Inbound Students – mandatory, Club YE Committee Members University of Findlay,300 Davis Street, Findlay, OH;Rooms 102, 178, 179, 180, 186, 188;Students – no fee,Transportation needed. To volunteer to help interview Outbound Students, contact District RYE Chair.
December 10-17, 2017 Rotary Florida Adventure Inbound students-optional Students – $ 925 per person quad occupancy,Transportation to Columbus needed. More information available at
January 30, 2018 Application deadline for Short Term Outbounds Short Term Outbound Students If this date presents a challenge for your club, please contact theShort Term Program Chair
February 3, 2018 Outbound Orientation andInbound Meeting & Social Outbound candidates & parents – mandatory,Inbound students – mandatory,Club YE Committee Members Vermilion, OH ~Inbound/outbound students – no fee,Transportation needed,RYE District Committee meeting,RYE Learning Opportunities available
February 23-24, 2018 Ohio-Erie Spring Meeting District YE Committee,Club YE Committee Members Worthington, Ohio ~District 6600 RYE Committee must be represented, RYE Training for Club Committees is available; Registration may be covered by District if funds are available, travel and lodging expenses paid by attendees.
March TBD, 2018 Outbound Orientation #2 Outbound Students & parents – mandatory,Club YE Committee Members Michigan ~Students – no fee,RYE Learning Opportunities available
March 10-19, 2018 Rotary Eastern Adventure Inbound Students – optional Students – $1030 per person quad occupancy,Transportation to Columbus needed. More information at
May 2018 World Community Workshop Inbound Students – mandatory,Outbound Students – desirable,Club YE Committee Members Defiance, OH ~ No charge to students, Transportation needed. More information andregistration:
May 19 – 21, 2018 District Conference Inbound and Outbound Students-mandatory Toledo. OH ~Students – no fee;Transportation needed
June 14-28, 2018 Rotary Western Adventure Inbound Students – optional Students – $2200 per person quad occupancy (includes airfare).Transportation to student scheduled airport required; please discuss with student before student notifies McMurray Travel. More information available:
July 6-8, 2018 Ohio-Erie Multi-District Rotary Committee and Outbound Orientation #3 Long Term Outbound students – mandatory,Outbound parents – optional,Club YE Committee Members Otterbein College, Westerville, OH;Students – no fee (Fees paid by District);District 6600 RYE Committee must be represented,RYE Training for Club Committees




{Student, Sponsoring Country, Hosting Club}
Victoria, Belgium, Bryan Rotary Club

“I want to discover another culture, and meet other people, other ways of life. I wish I’ll come back with a lot of wonderful memories and I also hope to let to the people I’ll have also wonderful memories.”

Caio, Brazil, Hicksville Rotary Club

“I hope to have fun, see things from a different point of view and learn about a new culture as an Exchange Student and get even more mature when I return.”

Angelo, Brazil, Tiffin Rotary Club

“Since I was a child I have been very interested in meeting people from other countries learning their history and culture. Personally I always wanted to have that experience, so I consider the Rotary Exchange Program a great opportunity to realized my dream. Through the Rotary Exchange Program I expect to be exposed to a new culture learning from it and broadening my mind by this way of my vision the world.”

Jan, Czech Republic, Findlay Rotary Club

“I hope to get to know a different culture well and see whether I can get on with new people in an unknown environment. I would very much like to gain a new perspective on my own culture and everyday life to be able to share it with my family and friends.”

Thomas, France, Elyria Rotary Club

“I would like to benefit from this student exchange to discover a new culture and new people and to improve my foreign languages. I think it will open my mind on a large range of things, ways of living, of thinking.”

Sonja, Germany, Vermilion Rotary Club

“I want to become independent and want to stand on my own feet.”

Johannes, Germany, Antwerp Rotary Club

“I want to join this exchange because I am interested in other countries, cultures, and nature. Also it is a chance for me which I want to take.”

Gio, Italy, Bellevue Rotary Club

“I hope to make this experience, because I think that it will serve me like a life experience, to help me to grow, change myself and my way of thinking, knowing new realities.”

Majo, Mexico, Amherst Rotary Club

“To know about other traditions, to be independent, see how other people live.”

Fey, Peru, Loudonville Rotary Club

“I want that my experience like an exchange student will give me the opportunity know other cultures, other people and learn English very well, and I am sure that this experience it is going to be very fun and happy.”

Tiffany, South Korea, Marion Rotary Club

“In fact, I don’t know well about Korea, because it is so familiar and natural. But when I go abroad, I need to explain my country so, in this opportunity, I’m will learn about my country and also many countries.”



{Student, Sponsoring Club, Host Country}
John, Bowling Green Rotary Club, India

John met two Exchange Students while at school. He said, “That was my first experience with any foreign exchange students, and I was truly intrigued. It was very interesting trying to teach them things about my culture and to have them teach me things about theirs. That experience made me think more about the world and the people in it. I began to wonder what sort of lives people lead on lands away from mine. These thoughts sparkled the idea that maybe I should be an exchange student.”

Christiana, Vermilion Rotary Club, Italy

“I hope to get a new perspective on things, study the new culture I will live I, and share mine. Writing this, I have no idea where I will live in a year from now, or what language I will be attempting to speak, and that is scary and exciting. I want to expand my horizons and make as many connections and friends I can.”

Emma, Elyria Sunrise Rotary Club, France

“I hope to accomplish fluency in another language and achieve a better understanding of other cultures.”

Cat, Oberlin Rotary Club, Brazil

Cat was a Short Term Student to Ecuador Summer 2015. Her sister, Angela, was a Long Term Exchange Student to France 2015-2016. Cat said, “As an exchange student, I hope to immerse myself in another in another culture and to learn about customs and the language of another country.”

Inna, Rotary Club of North Coast, Belgium

“As an exchange student, I want to be able to feel the incessant beauty in another place. I want to have a place in the world where my heart will always stay. I want to learn another language and spread its charm to every corner of the world. Lastly, I want to feel what it is like to have the best days of my life.”

Austin, Defiance Rotary Club, Germany

“I hope to open up my horizons by making new friends, learning a new culture and language, and creating lifelong relationships with people I meet along the way!”

Katie, Tiffin Rotary Club, Mexico

“My goal on this trip is to meet new people and hopefully determine if I want to pursue a foreign language major in college. I hope and expect to come home with a different perspective of the world around me. I truly believe traveling to a different country will be a humbling and eye-opening experience.”

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