It’s hard to believe that I am entering into the fourth and final quarter of my term as your governor for Year of Covid 2020-2021. In a strange juxtaposition, so much has been canceled as a result of the pandemic, yet, so much has been created as a result of the pandemic.

Covid continues to guide our world. Many of you have already been vaccinated. Many have chosen for whatever reason, not to be. Here is a statistic that is alarming. As of April 9, approximately 30% of Ohioans have gotten vaccinated. Those that are 15 years of age and under cannot get the vaccine. They represent approximately 25% of the total population. That means 55% of Ohio either has received the vaccine or cannot get it because they are too young. The downside is that means 45% have not gotten one of the three vaccines or are choosing not to get any vaccine.

Several Saturday’s ago I was sitting at home thinking about the Mass Vaccination clinics being sponsored by the state. Our district contained 3 of the 15 sites in the Ohio. Lima, Maumee and Mansfield were the sites named. But there would also be other locations for clinics as the weeks rolled on. It hit me like a Led Zeppelin (sorry, I was raised in the era of classic rock). Who knows more about the logistics of vaccinating a lot of people at one time? Rotary, of course. We’ve been doing it for years with polio. We should be part of this! WE are PEOPLE OF ACTION!

I met that same day with the organizers of a large clinic going on in Findlay. Karim Berudi, Hancock Public Health Director, Chad Masters, Organizer of the clinic, Christina Muryn, Mayor of Findlay and others gave their input on how to organize a volunteer group to assist in making any clinic run smoothly. From traffic control, taking temperatures, helping individuals fill out paperwork, assisting the vaccinators, inputting data into the state’s system or watching over people after they received the vaccine to make sure there were no reactions.

Thus was born the Rotary Covid Connection! WRONG! I threw that name by District Trainer Alison Frye. She said “how about Rotary Covid Coalition? She was right! I talked to District Public Image Chair Sharon Trabbic. She ran with it! Later in this newsletter you will see a sidebar story on Sharon’s experience working at the Maumee clinic and we will detail the proper procedures for joining the Rotary Covid Coalition and helping out a number of clinics in areas you wish to work in.

I invite you to help out wherever and whenever you can. Contact Sharon Trabbic for more information. We are PEOPLE OF ACTION!

Be safe!